Anna Bussey

Business Support Events Coordinator, Personal Group


My passion for events can be traced back to my pre-career days. Whether
organising parties, theatre productions, or charity events I always seemed to get a
buzz from the organising process. For me, the reward of seeing people excited and
engaged is where I feel most rewarded, whilst some are motivated by tangible gains,
I am primarily motivated by making people happy. I currently work for an employee
benefits company with my role focussing on our internal meetings, events and
incentive trips. Not only is the company fantastic to work for but their innovation and
focus on employee well-being coincides perfectly with my own values.
It is important to note that when I joined the events career I had applied for a
wonderful bespoke events agency who, despite my zero experience, took a chance
and hired me. Working there taught me two vital lessons. Firstly, how events are
forever changing and how you need to be constantly reading and learning from other
people within the industry but also how important women in business are and how
successful we can become.
Outside the office I am an optimist who strives for self-improvement and experience.
I am outgoing and friendly which has helped lead me to visit nearly fifty countries
across five continents. Travel is my ultimate passion; learning from people of other
backgrounds and nationalities is so intrinsically important to me so at events and
parties you are guaranteed to find me wandering around the room asking 50
questions about everyone’s lives!

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