Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau


The city of Boston has a population of 625,000 and is the center of a large metropolitan area of 4.6 million people. The area's 35 hospitals and 70 universities help make it an international center of learning and intellectual activity.

With over 33,000 world class hotel rooms, three convention centers and countless unique meeting facilities, Boston has venues to serve groups of all kinds; however its popularity as a destination goes far beyond its physical meeting facilities.

From the downtown core to the outlying areas, Boston is a city of intriguing diversity with something for everyone. There's history and high technology, academic excellence and neighborhood ethnicity, financial prominence and hometown sports enthusiasm, scientific achievements and a thriving cultural scene. Boston truly enjoys a mix of colonial charm and urban sophistication. With 21 distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own charm and personality, Boston is a diverse patchwork of culture and history. The compact layout makes it ideal to navigate on foot and has helped define it as 'America's Walking City'.

Boston is a paradise for shoppers, restaurant connoisseurs and people who simply enjoy walking around town discovering new sights. Surrounded by natural beauty, Boston's 48 square miles are encircled by a bustling harbor, tranquil coastline and a strand of green parks.


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